MADISON, NJ - The sun is shining and free energy is all around. To help residents take advantage of summer’s abundant solar power, the Madison Environmental Commission has invited Frank Curran of Green House Solar to give a free talk on “Is Solar Right For Your Home?” The event will be held on Wednesday, July 29 at 7pm via Zoom.

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Curran, whose business is based Madison, will offer an overview of local solar projects, which include houses with shade, tricky roofs and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. He will also dig into financial incentives for the purchase and leasing of solar and battery back up systems.

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“It’s an opportune time to go solar,” says Claire Whitcomb, chair of the Madison Environmental Commission. “Federal tax credits are still high and New Jersey is a solar-friendly state. Loans and leases for solar panels are can help homeowners lock into low energy costs—without upfront investments.”

Approximately 60 Madison residents have installed solar panels on their homes; several of them will join the discussion to share their experiences—and their energy bills, which are typically zero (or less).

“We’re thrilled to have a solar expert like Frank Curran who knows Madison so well,” says Maureen Byrne, Borough Council Liaison to the Environmental Commission. “Clean energy is both a state mandate and a community challenge. The more we learn about alternative energy, the better prepared we will be to fight climate change and its detrimental impacts.”

Solar energy systems in Madison can be sized to accommodate up to 100% of a homeowner’s annual usage, based on the past 12 months of utility bills. During the day, energy is used directly by the homeowner; any excess flows back into the local energy grid. At night, electricity is drawn from the grid to power lights and appliances. At the end of the year, homeowners are given a payment if they generate more energy than they use.

“Just in my neighborhood, four people have solar panels that power their homes,” says Whitcomb. “We love getting our utility bills. Mine has been zero since 2018.”

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