Green Forum to be Held on June 14.


Wondering what plants nurture the most butterflies? Or how to go solar in a town that owns its own utility? The Madison Environmental Commission is partnering with local experts to provide easy answers at its Green Forum on June 14 at 7:30 PM at the Community House. 


“The forum will have lots of tips and takeaways,” says Trina Mallik, an Environmental Commission member who is spearheading the event. “A lot of us don’t realize that simple actions like choosing native plants or recycling styrofoam at the Department of Public Works can make a big difference in helping Madison go green.”

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The Green Forum is designed around three topics.“Greening Your Yard” will focus on native plants, pollinator gardens and eco lawn care, including easy-to-make weed killers that are safer than commercial options.


“Lowering Your Energy Bills” will explain how to go solar in Madison, thanks to Frank Curran of Greenhouse Solar. Scott Fischer of Ciel Power will also be on hand to explain how to stop leaks and conserve energy. Madison Borough is working with Ciel Power to provide $49 discounted energy audits.

The forum’s final topic,“Reducing Your Trash,” will cover composting food scraps and how to recycle almost everything—styrofoam peanuts are accepted at Mail Boxes Etc. in the Staples mall and shoes are recycled by the Suburban Shoe shop on Waverly Place.


“We’re partnering with all of Madison’s green groups,” says Mallik, who notes that members will be on hand from the Shade Tree Management Board, the Community Garden Advisory Committee, Sustainable Madison and the Garden Club, as well as the Environmental Commission. 


“We see this as the first of series of interactive events to help residents connect, learn and a difference,” adds Mallik.