MADISON, NJ—Madison High School seniors were reminded to overcome adversities and achieve all they can after high school.

At the school’s 120th graduation ceremony, held at Fairleigh Dickinson due to rain, students spoke about how lucky they felt to have gone to school in Madison, rated one of the best public high schools in Morris County.

“So many others in our world have to focus more on supporting themselves and their family than on their education or are unable to even go to school,” valedictorian Katie Flanagan said. “While our collective exp at MHS has been so amazing and it has given us great opportunities, I believe this comes with an individual responsibility” to help others.

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The graduating class was commended by Principal Greg Robertson, who said their constant willingness to lend a helping hand and as the Madison district motto states “contribute positively to the world” was the true embodiment of the Dodger spirit.

He highlighted these attributes in his commencement speech before nearly 200 students received their degrees, using each letter of “Dodger” to describe the class.

“I have the utmost confidence that if you remain determined, maintain your optimism, embrace diversity, stay generous, continue educating yourself and reciprocate respect, you’re destined for a future filled with happiness and success,” he said.

“Never let go of the Dodger spirit that connects us all and will continue to connect us as a family forever.”

Max Vigatov, the senior class president, echoed Principal Robertson’s sentiments.

“The students of Madison have been kind and supportive of one another and take a true interest in each other’s lives and hobbies,” he said during his speech, the first of the evening.

Salutatorian Matt Haughey reminded his fellow classmates to defy everyone’s expectations as they did during their four years at Madison.

This year Madison High School students defied their own expectations when they achieved state championships in lacrosse, field hockey and golf.

The 2017 class is a special one, according to Robertson, who said the seniors “have been one of the most respectful, responsible and cooperative group of students I have ever had the pleasure of working with during all my years in education.”

“Having witnessed the growth and development of these individuals over the past four years I can say with confidence that they have earned the diplomas they are about to receive, and they are well-prepared to take on their next adventure in life no matter what that may be,” he said.