MADISON, NJ - The Madison Junior Football program is welcoming parents and all other interested parties, who would like to become better informed about the steps that the program is taking to provide the safest possible environment for our players. The one hour event at the Madison Community house on Tuesday June 13 at 7p.m. to 8p.m. will feature trainer Megan Barclay from Madison High School, the Riddel Equipment Rep Dominick Violi, League President Tom Leck, and Board Member Scott Spelker.

The purpose of the evening is to let the public learn from  the various experiences of the speakers, coaches, ask a lot of questions, touch and feel the equipment, become better educated about all of the safety procedures that have been put in place, and the state of the art equipment that is being used.  Madison's Junior Football program has always been at the forefront of safety in the Morris County Youth Football League.  Madison was one of the first programs in the county to join the nationally acclaimed USA Football organization,which requires a three hour certification program and test. The USA football program focuses on "heads up" tackling to avoid helmet to helmet contact and to make the game safer for all participants. Every coach in Madison junior football is USA certified and has been for several years. The Madison junior football program is also trying out the latest and greatest in football technology this year again with helmets for the seventh and eighth grade teams .These helmets have multiple sensors in them to detect if a player has received an unusually big impact to the helmet. A coach on the sidelines carries a unit that alerts them to which player's sensor went off. It is not a concussion reader, but rather serves as an extra set of eyes on the field to alert coaches to any unusually large impacts. If the sensor goes off the player can be removed from play and then evaluated by the professional trainer that is present at every game. Madison's program will be the very first youth program in the state of New Jersey to have this helmet. The hope is that if, as a program, we are happy with the technology, and are able to raise the funds, then every player in the program will eventually wear them.


This forum will provide a great opportunity for parents of existing players, new parents to the program, and parents that are still on the fence about whether to let their child play football, to learn about all the steps that the Madison Junior Football program has taken in the past, and continues to take, to ensure the safety of our players. It will be a fun and enlightening evening complete with refreshments.

Everyone must register to attend via email at or