MADISON, NJ - In celebration of Chanukah, Madison residence gathered outside the borough's train station for the annual Menorah Lighting. This tradition began in 1999 and has become a popular event in the community.

Led by Rabbi Mindy Lubin of Chabad SE Morris County, families gathered to listen to music and witness the lighting of the candles. He began the ceremony by reflecting on the meaning of the Chanukah Candles.

“We live in complicated times and the candles remind us that in all darkness there is light and if each of us emulates the message of the Chanukah candles, we can each be a beacon of light to brighten the world around us. That is what Chanukah is all about,” he said.

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To help light the first candle on the Menorah, Mayor Robert Conley attended the ceremony. He too reflected on the message of Chanukah and how it can translate into everyday life.

“Even today’s weather reminds us of what Chanukah is all about. We were reminded that even in the darkest of days, the sun will always come out,” said Conley.

The remaining candles were lit by resident Jeff Watz and his children who were selected by Rabbi Lubin.

Once the Menorah was completely lit, all the children were invited to sing with the Rabbi under the Menorah.