MADISON, NJ - Police are on the lookout for any packages containing cell phones mailed to a town resident's home that was not ordered.

"We are investigating a suspicious incident that occurred on September 30, 2015. We are asking residents to contact the Police Department if they received an unexpected package containing a cell phone that they did not order. The package is usually delivered to the residence by way of UPS, FedEx, etc.," noted the Madison Police Department via message today.

When TAP Into Madison reached Lt. John R. Miscia this afternoon, he stated, "This is a fraud type investigation, not one of dangerous packages that any resident should be worried about their safety over."

"If you have received an unexpected package please hold onto it and contact the Police Department at 973-593-3000. Additionally, if anyone happened to receive a package and has already returned it, we would still like to speak with you," the department added.