MADISON, NJ - When Gov. Chris Christie announced earlier this week the state school-aid figures for grades kindergarten through 12, there was a significant boost for the Madison School District.

In fact, Madison's state aid increase was the largest, percentage-wise, in all of Morris County. In 2013-2014, Madison received $940,144 in state aid for grades K-12. That amount will increase by $47,600 for the next school year, to a total of $987,744.

The 5.1 percent increase, year over year, in the amount of state aid to Madison's schools is the most of any district in Morris County, by a noticeable margin. No other school district in the county will receive an increase of more than 4.5 percent in 2014-2015.

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Direct state aid for education will now exceed $9 billion, with almost $37 million in additional aid to ensure that every school district across the board will receive a funding increase.

Total state aid for education will increase by $36.8 million, from $8.977 billion this year to a total of 9.014 billion in fiscal 2015.