MADISON, NJ -  Among reports at the Tuesday Dec. 13 Board of Education meeting Curriculum Chair Shade Grahling said summer school was being considered. “But not for this summer. There are other programs out there,” she said, such as art. She said certain math classes would go on and a community survey will be distributed to find out what parents would like to see, such as remedial work or particular subjects.  “We’ll come back to the board with more information by next fall,” she said.  “There’s a lot going on.” She added the committee has looked at other districts and that the program is not free. There is a cost.

Board President Lisa Ellis also welcomed interim superintendent, Dr. Richard Noonan at the meeting. He said, “It’s great to be back” and noted it was good to see people he had worked with before in the district and to meet new people.

As well, Auditor Bill Schroeder of Nisivoccia & Company provided a financial overview, noting the $9 million made from the sale of the Green Village Road School and property. “You are in a great place,” he said. As part of the capital reserve, he urged the board to “designate that money as soon as possible.”