MADISON, NJ - It was a historic snow storm and it is a historic snow clean up that will be measured in weeks not days.

Madison Department of Public Works (DPW) is currently working in 14-16 hours shifts to clear all the snow dumped on the borough by Jonas.  

"We have our loaders out as well as 10 plus borough trucks.  This is a huge job," said David Maines, Superintendent of Madison DPW.

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"Madison has sub-contracted with four outside local companies including Conviello's, Allocco Brothers Paving, Caruso's and Allocco Driveways to assist in the clean up.  It is a tremendous amount of snow we need to haul," added Maines.

After the storm DPW had a list of priorities to execute and a plan.   Opening roads and residential streets for emergency vehicles came first, next came the schools to get kids back in session safely.   Now on the list of priorities is downtown streets and community lots that include commuter parking.

"This is a long process," said Maines. "We need to haul all the snow to the DPW lots it is not as easy as moving it.  There is no where to put it. Residents need to know we are working 14-16 hour shifts on heavy machinery do everything we can to get Madison back to right. It is impossible for this to happen overnight."

The schools were a major borough priority as kids could not get back in session until walkways and drop zones were determined safe by the Madison Police Department.  "We worked on this first and foremost Monday," said Maines.

Madison Borough was one of few districts that had an uninterrupted school day Tuesday as a result.

The train lot physically at the Madison train station (across from Hartley Dodge on the North side) is not maintained by the DPW. The 'Friends Of Madison Train Station' clear that lot which is leased from NJ Transit.

Commuter lots adjacent to the ambulatory station are in DPW's area.  

"We are on Kings Road as we speak," added Maines. "As well we are on Cook and Elmer.  We will keep going around the clock til it's all done.  That's the best we can do."