MADISON, NJ – An application for a 90-unit townhouse development at 4 and 6 Elm Street was scheduled to be heard by the Zoning Board of Adjustment on Dec. 8, but was carried to Jan. 12, 2012, Attorney Gary Hall announced.
In addition, a special zoning board meeting will be held on Thursday, Dec. 22, regarding Cougar Field.
The board heard and approved a series of  residential applications. Among them:
Applicants Jim and Jodi Bartie of 42 Hillcrest Road plan to construct a detached two-car garage.

Jim Malcolm of 24 Maple Avenue, who owns an 1889 house, said the side porches were added  in 1906 and a garage in 1910, at the end of a long driveway. He requested a one-story rear addition to upgrade the kitchen. The space would be in keeping with the character of the neighborhood and was described as “a beautiful street.”
Dorothy Meaney of 3 Candlewood Drive asked permission to construct a deck, paver patio and walkway. The deck would be built off the kitchen/dining room and the paver patio would replace bluestone. Board members asked about drainage and surface runoff. They suggested a French drain be installed to connect to a dry well. Board member Ron Poeter described the plan as “a great improvement.”
Timothy and Corinne Blair of 80 Ridgedale Avenue applied to build a brick paver patio, sidewalk and retaining walls.  Blair said the existing steps were slate stones and that the proposed change would be safer.
Judith Tiernan of 7 Leigh Drive has resided there for 17 years and has requested three variances for front yard setback, building coverage and impervious lot coverage. The board discussed options for adjustments to the driveway in a revised plan.
Thursday night’s board was limited to four members: Joe Santoro, Ron Poeter, Toni DeRosa and Nancy Northrup.
The final application came from Steven and Maria Aloupis of 72 Glenwild Road. Architect Steve Majewski said he had worked with the previous owner on a plan that was never completed. “We fell in love with our home,” Aloupis said of the 1910 house. “It’s very large and has a lot of character but is missing a couple of things.” One of those is a garage. The architect designed an attached three-car garage, which would also provide storage for outdoor equipment. He said the garage would face the side yard rather than the street and would match the architecture of the house. “We want to enhance the house so no one will take it down,” Majewski said. Aloupis described the large public rooms as having a 17 foot by 30 foot living room, a 40-foot long entry way with staircase and a 17 by 35 foot dining room. The house features a back staircase, call buttons, a veranda and other Victorian features.  The board had not reached a decision to approve the application as of late Thursday night.