MADISON, NJ - Fashion blogger Teggy French who currently has over 10,000 Instagram followers chose the Hartley Dodge building in Madison as the backdrop for the latest fashion shoot for her very popular blog "Teggy French: Dedicated to all that care what I wear".
Teggy is a local girl. Residing in New Vernon, NJ, she says she loves to use beautiful local scenes in her fashion photos. 
"I look for really beautiful backdrops.  Many of which are in Madison, New Vernon, Morristown.  I am very lucky Madison is so close to my home.  The Hartley Dodge building has such gorgeous architecture. I wanted a more city feel for this shoot and the stone work provided that," noted French.  "Many of the historical buildings in Madison hold such appeal."
The fashion blog started very organically in 2014, "I have always loved fashion, it is a huge passion of mine," said French.  "I love giving fashion advice and people were always asking me where I got this or where I got that and what goes with what.  I was on vacation and someone mentioned me started a blog.  I thought this is a great thing and I got back from a Vermont vacation and just started to write and post pictures."
"Instagram and Facebook have been great, especially Instagram it has been key.  A lot of designers now find me."
French uses local boutiques and businesses for many of her fashion choices, "I have purchased so many things from Second Time Around in Madison.  I tend to try and mix old with new and keep things affordable while weaving in an investment piece."
Think Hermes scarf with a vintage coat and second hand slacks.  French also features "Get the same look for less" on her blog. "I do my best to keep things attainable. I love to give credit or point to where people can get things in local boutiques as well."

"I think I have had success because I keep things consistent. My looks are not all over the map, they are really classic, very preppy, mixing in 60s vintage with a southern twist."
It's a family affair. French's Dad takes all her photos. "We have a really really good camera.  My Dad Lars owned an agency for commercial illustrations for years and he has a very artistic eye."  And clearly he loves the subject matter.
"I never would have expected the following and enthusiasm I have received.  I am so happy to also be able to support locally."
You can follow Teggy French through her website or follow her on Instagram (@teggyfrench), on Facebook, Stylinity and Pinterest.