MADISON, NJ  – In the borough of Madison there are many small businesses that if you don’t pay close attention you’ll pass them by.

SKN Lab is one of those as it’s located in a walking alley, at 17 Waverly Place.  You have to make a point to get there but business owner and aesthetician Beth Parker ensures you "won't be sorry" you made the effort to come.

SKN Lab is a full service skincare studio and beauty bar that specializes in facial skincare.

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Parker was born in South Dakota but now lives in Chatham. She attended Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics New York City, where she received her trained degree in aesthetics.

Parker demonstrated entrepreneurial skills as early as childhood. “I feel like I’ve always been more of a leader,” Parker said. “It’s easier for me to be running my own show than following somebody elses.”

She is also very passionate about skincare. “I’ve been practicing aesthetics for almost 12 years."

She started her career by working for a doctor in NYC at a medical spa for many years. She then moved to a private office in NJ where she would see her own clients. Then, two years ago she opened the SKN Lab where they offer a full retail area and a number of services.

“I had my private office, but my lease was ending, so I had to move and this place was available,” Parker said. “I always wanted to do more of store front where we could have our retail area. So it just seemed like it was the right time.”

Parker takes pride in being able to help a lot of different clients with different skin challenges.

“I love when there are teenagers that come in here that have acne and I can help them, or women that come in that are sun damaged and we can do a series of treatments for them to see results,” Parker said.

"I feel like that’s a huge achievement and that’s kind of why I do this business, it's very gratifying."

What sets the SKN Lab apart from other business like it is that their products are more clinically based. “They’re not something you can buy at Sephora, or online,” Parker said. “You have to have a skincare license to even be able to sell them.”

The SKN Lab employees are very proficient and trained in skin histology, treatments available, the skincare lines offered.

“I feel like if you go to other places where they’re aestheticians that are straight out of school or don’t have very many years of experience it’s a little bit different because the treatments you’re going to get are going to reflect that experience,” Parker said.

Parker sees her businesses success growing in the future. “The long term goals were to build it out to be more of a blue mercury type of business where we have a full retail line of all different types of clinical products and also all different services that we offer,” she said.

The SKN lab offers facials that address all different types of skincare needs, including, but not limited to: basic, acned skin, aging skin, and extremely dry skin facials. They also offer many services such as: microdermabrasion, physical exfoliator, of the entire skin, chemical peels, very light exfoliation to medium- depth peels, spray tanning, waxing, and makeup.

"We do a great spray tan business for people who want a glow for an event or warm weather vacation without going in the harmful rays of the sun. As well, offer quenching facials and microdermabrasion for dry times.  And of course, acne treatment and prevention."

Although Parker’s business is a great success there is one thing she would change if she had to do it all over again: location. “I would definitely be at a location with more exposure,” she said. “At the time when I opened this business there was not a lot of availability for space, plus I’m under financial restraints as far as where I can be.”

Business advice Parker gives to aspiring entrepreneurs is “to have a solid business plan, a backup plan, and great organizational skills.” “If you’re really going to go forward and start a business basically “have all of your ducks in a row” when you get started because trying to kind of make up for things that weren’t thought of or running into red tape… it’s a little bit difficult,” Parker said.

Although Parker would change the location of her store she would not change the city in which her store is located. 

“I love Madison, and I love the people of Madison. I think it’s a great community,” Parker said. I’m friendly with a lot of the other merchants in this area so I love the community.”

The SKN Lab be contacted by phone: 973-966-1000, email:, and, or website: