MADISON, NJ -- Right on cue with the areas fitness explosion The MAX Challenge, one of the nation’s fastest growing fitness concepts, is about to call downtown Madison home.  

Located in the previously departed "Season's Gift Shop" space at 35 Main Street The MAX Challenge of Madison will open it's doors in the Madison community Sunday, March 26 at 8a.m. with a grand opening celebration to kick off their first local session on Monday March 27.

Intimidated?  Don't be. The MAX Challenge is a comprehensive 10-week body and mind renewal program, combining a structured workout regimen with an easy-to-follow nutritional guide to help achieve and sustain optimal health and fitness.

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"The program promotes a slow and systematic approach toward attaining physical success by educating members on the impact a balanced nutritional diet and positive mental attitude have on maintaining a healthy lifestyle," said co-owners Toby Bavli and Greg Kleiman who also own a MAX Challenge studio in Montclair, NJ. 

All participants are provided with a certified MAX Instructor who is present at all times to ensure that members execute each exercise safely and efficiently. Additionally, instructors alternate exercise routines daily to avoid monotony and to ensure that members remain fully engaged, and most importantly, enjoy the time they spend reaching the peak of their physical abilities.

“Our goal is to make our members not only healthier people, but happier people”, stated Bavli and Kleiman.  “We are elated to open our newest location, and look forward to changing lives with our unique body renewal system.”

The 10-week body renewal system was designed to help members make fast and lasting changes to their health, appearance, and fitness levels. "We help members achieve great results by receiving a combination of nutritional counseling, fitness classes, and motivation provided by trained MAX Challenge instructors," said Kleiman.

"We chose Madison to open our second location because, we love the family feel here, it is a real close knit community, the Main street was a huge draw for us. The people here we have met so far are amazing and we can not wait to meet more. We may be a franchise concept but we are hands on owners and we love all the perks of a walking town like Madison. We feel the location and community is perfect for our model because we are a community building facility, we know if you want to succeed it takes a village, and we love to be involved in charities, festivals, in town events, and giving back to make a difference to those in need through healthy living."

A typical 10-week session for a member includes, 45 minute classes Monday through Friday, we have an online "secret/ closed" group with tons of nutrition information, weekend workshops for ongoing recipes, Pot Lucks, cooking demos with the local Whole foods. We take measurements of our members during their 10 weeks with us to keep track of their progress and a before/ after picture which is only for their view. We have a ton of staff members who want the best for everyone and will make sure the classes are the best and most fun around." 

There is a daily rotation of fitness classes consisting of Cardio on Monday and Wednesdays all day, then Tuesday focuses on upper body sculpting and toning with weight training, Thursday is lower body strength training day, and Friday ends the week with a cardio kickboxing session. "We do this to hit all muscles through out the week for the ultimate weight loss by the end of your 10 weeks," they said. 

Pricing for the 10-weeks is a flat rate of  $349 which includes 50 classes during your 10 weeks and weekly nutritional counseling as well as access to meal prep delivery services, attendance tracking, and constant support.  "We have classes that run from 5a.m. to 6a.m. for the commuting crew or the people who need to get back before another family member commutes and then throughout the day until 7:00 p.m.   We always get a group of parents around the 8:45/9:45a.m.class as well.  Each group throughout the day organically has a little different personality flavor, and we love it all," said Bavli.

"It is funny, clients come in at first and are nervous, they could be out of shape and over-weight, they could want a body/health shift due to new lifestyle changes or could just want to try something new with some friends, but they should not be nervous, this is a personal journey for each person and at the end of the day they are just really excited about their new outlook."

There are over 70 MAX Challenge locations throughout New York, New Jersey, California, and Florida as well as many additional locations in the opening stage​.​To learn more about THE MAX Challenge, please visit