In a prepared statement, Mayor Bob Conley of Brittin Street, points to his first-term accomplishments and his plans for a second term.  Conley is running for re-election in 2015 with running mates Council President Astri Baillie of East Lane and Ben Wolkowitz of Dellwood Drive.

“Mayor Conley stated, “Four years ago when I announced my candidacy for Mayor I spoke about the need for change in borough government, especially as it relates to positive leadership, fiscal management and responsibility, respecting the great resource of our volunteers, strengthening of partnerships within Madison and with other communities, and in reinvesting in our community.

As I look back, I am proud to say we achieved those goals, particularly in the three years since Astri Baillie and Ben Wolkowitz joined the Madison Borough Council (in 2013).  Together, we have managed to put our fiscal house in order, restoring the borough’s AAA rating with Standard and Poor, while controlling taxes and maintaining the quality of our municipal services. We also reversed a trend of neglect of our roads and sewers and initiated a strategic planning effort in 2013, which is already beginning to pay dividends. The recommendations of the Budget and Finance Strategic Planning Committee have been adopted by the Borough Council and an all-new borough website recommended by the Operations Strategic Planning Committee will be online before the end of the year.

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We are moving in the right direction, and Madison is again a model of a well-run town.  Yet I believe our work has just begun; therefore, I am asking Madison voters to support me and my running mates, Council President Astri Baillie and Councilman Ben Wolkowitz, on November 3rd.”

Looking back at Conley’s first year in office, running-mate Council President Astri Baillie observed, “When Bob was elected in 2011, Madison lacked the kind of positive leadership it deserves.  It was Bob’s calm leadership and demonstrated respect for all concerned that helped us through those turbulent weeks in late winter 2012, following the surprise firing of Borough Administrator Ray Codey. And who can forget the role Bob played along with Councilman Bob Landrigan in getting us through those dark days following Superstorm Sandy?”

 “Bob has also worked hard to develop partnership in and beyond the community,” added Councilman Wolkowitz.  “This spring he was recognized twice by Drew University for his efforts to strengthen the relationship between the university, its students, and the town.  He has represented Madison on multiple occasions, as the town reached out and continues to reach out to help the residents of Union Beach, which was so thoroughly devastated by Sandy.”

Mayor Conley stated, “Looking forward, Asrti, Ben, and I all agree that we  need to continue the strategic planning effort and we must continue our investment in infrastructure, including the water and electric utilities.   We should also continue reviewing our land use ordinances and the borough’s master plan to insure a proper balance between development and the maintenance of our town’s character.  We also need to continue to look for opportunities to provide additional affordable housing for moderate income Madison citizens.  And we want to see the development of the Green Village Road school site accomplished successfully, enhancing our downtown while financially benefiting both the Board of Education and the borough, and ultimately all Madison taxpayers.”

Prior to being elected mayor in 2011, Bob Conley served two three-year terms on the Madison Borough Council. While on Council, he served as Council liaison to the Public Works, Utilities, Public Safety, and Finance & Administration departments. He has also served as chairman of the Chatham Joint Meeting Finance Committee and was founding chair of the Shared Services Committee with the Board of Education and the Traffic Calming Committee.  Conley is a past chairman of the Madison Recreation Committee and was a member of the Open Space and Recreation & Historic Preservation Advisory Committees. 

Within the community he has served as president of the Madison Rotary Club, the Madison Rotary Foundation, the Adult School Board of Trustees, and the Grace Counseling Center Board of Trustees. He is also past president of Chapter 17 - Association of YMCA Professionals. 

In addition to being honored by Drew this year, his extraordinary service to the community has been recognized on multiple occasions by a number of organizations. In 2014 Conley received the Boy Scouts of America Patriots Path Council Lifetime Achievement Award for service to the community.  In June of this year, he received the Service Award from Chapter 17 (State of NJ) of the Association of YMCA Professionals (AYP), recognizing his contribution to the YMCA movement and the AYP. And on October 6th of this year, he received the prestigious New Jersey Rotary Vocational Service Award for his vocational service achievements. 

Mayor Conley grew up in Madison and is currently Vice President