To the Editor:

Which is heavier – Metal water bottle or Chromebook laptop? This isn’t a question of which one will fit into my overstuffed backpack at Chatham High School. It’s a scenario we play out during active shooter drills where our teachers ask what can we throw at someone entering the classroom with an assault rifle. Which would you pick? I would rather discuss ancient civilizations in my history class, but this is the reality at my school. It doesn’t have to be like this

We can change our reality by voting for and electing representatives like Mikie Sherrill to the US Congress, who will support common sense gun legislation. Mikie Sherrill is a former Navy helicopter pilot. She trained with military assault weapons and knows first-hand the need for clear legislation to keep us safe from gun violence. She supports universal background checks, a federal assault weapons ban, and other meaningful gun safety measures.

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Her opponent, Jay Webber’s only tangible stance on gun safety, as stated during a recent candidate forum, is “to remain vigilant,” whatever that means.  It apparently doesn’t mean connecting school panic alert systems with local law enforcement, because he voted against that four times. It must not mean banning guns from people found to be dangerously mentally unstable, because he also voted against that.

Please join me in supporting candidates for Congress who will work to keep us all safer from gun violence. I’m counting down the days until I’m old enough to vote, but until then, it is the responsibility of those who are old enough to keep me and all students safe. Please do me a favor on November 6th and vote for Mikie Sherrill.

Mia Paone

Chatham High School Class of 2020