Now in its fifth year, on November 15, 6th grade students and their parents were invited to a special evening of sharing, activity, discussion and reflection at Madison Junior School.  During the event, current and former Madison Junior School students spoke about the value of their experiences with the Advisory and Peer Leadership programs.  Additionally, current students and parents participated in two Advisory activities that focused on the importance of relationships and issues that matter to adolescents and their families.

“At MJS, we take Character Education seriously and see it as an integral component of educating adolescents.  Students become well versed in the tenets we hold sacred at MJS – Character, Community, Choices and Respect,” said Nicole Sherrin, Principal of MJS.  “We weave these elements into our daily routines and we emphasize them with special activities, such as the one held last Thursday night,” she added.

During the evening, a panel of previous and current junior school students reflected on their experiences in the advisory and peer leadership programs.  One student said, “Peer leaders, through the advisory program, assist the 6th graders in adjusting and becoming integrated into the MJS school community.”

As part of the Advisory program, the entire school breaks into small groups and discusses topics and activities including important elements of character education, such as teamwork and problem solving.  Once a month, the 8th grade peer leaders lead the 6th grade advisories.  An emphasis is placed on building relationships and listening to others.

The Peer Leadership program assists the incoming 6th grade students as they enter the junior school.  The 8th graders who participate in the program help new students by welcoming them on the first day of school, assisting with lockers, attending weekly advisory meetings, and helping create a supportive school atmosphere.

At Madison Junior School, the purpose is to develop life-long learners who are informed, responsible and productive young citizens.  Faculty and administration try to achieve this by providing challenging and diverse programs that reflect high expectations of a caring environment. Opportunities abound to learn effectively, to think critically, and to participate wholeheartedly, both in the classroom and in clubs and sports.
For more information on MJS and its Advisory and Peer Leadership programs, please contact Nicole Sherrin, Principal, Madison Junior School, 160 Main Street, at 973-593-3149.