MADISON, NJ - The new Integrative Dental Center at Adams Dental is an extension of the preventive care that Dr. Adams has been offering patients for 25 years. The focus of the Center is to incorporate big picture thinking and solutions to help patients who have crowded teeth, airway and breathing issues, sleep apnea and oromotor disorders.

“Something as common as crowded teeth may have underlying causes like mouth breathing, a tongue tie or large tonsils. What we used to think was the problem (crowded teeth) is just a sign”, says Adams. “By peeling away the layers, we discover and treat the cause.”

Dr. Adams, who has spent the last several years in facial growth and airway focused mini-residencies, takes into consideration growth and development in children and works with prevention in mind to develop healthy airways in all patients. She and her team use the Myobrace system with great success for patients who understand how breathing and tongue position can affect their overall health. Dr. Adams is now recognized as one of the few Myobrace providers in the area.

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The Myobrace system combines early orthodontic treatment with myofunctional therapy in an easy, understandable way to help treat kids as young as four years old. The Myobrace system is a series of removable dental appliances that are worn an hour each day and overnight while sleeping.  Daily use of the Myobrace, combined with regular activities that improve breathing, muscle function and tongue posture, result in straighter teeth and improved function, leading to optimal facial development and a healthier smile. The goal is to get children to breathe through their nose, with correct tongue posture and correct swallowing. The Myobrace helps children’s jaws grow correctly by encouraging correct position and putting light force on the jaws.  

"We've found this gives a more stable and long lasting result and many times if we intervene early, children can avoid braces in their teenage years. Changing the perception of dentistry requires radical thinking, an exceptional approach to patient care and the desire to look beyond teeth" says Dr. Allison Adams of her practice philosophy.