MADISON, NJ - The Madison Police Department has announced that on Monday, Dec. 3, 2012 at approximately 7:30 p.m., two off-duty Madison police officers helped thwart a robbery in Newark.

According to the Police Department, Madison Patrolmen Paul Papamarkos and Luis Goncalves were on their way to a holiday party when they noticed a man running on the light rail tracks near Rt. 21 in Newark NJ.  The officers noticed that the male was wearing a trench coat and carrying a brief case as he was being pursued by five individuals on the tracks. The officer’s personal vehicle was equipped with emergency lights due to him being volunteer firemen. These lights were then activated as they approached the victim and the five suspects to investigate what was taking place. 

As both officers exited the vehicle, the victim yelled to the plainclothes, off duty officers that he was being robbed.  The officers detained the five suspects at gun point until N.J. Transit Police and Newark Police arrived on scene. Officers were able to stop a light rail train and requested them to contact N.J. Transit Police about the robbery.  It was learned that the victim was at the NJPAC light rail station where he was punched in the head during the robbery attempt and that is when he started to run and ultimately encountered the Madison officers. Two adults and three juvenile actors were taken into custody by the New Jersey Transit Police Department. 

Acting Madison Police Chief Darren Dachisen commends the actions of his officers. “They came to the aid of the victim and took the suspects into custody without any concern for their own safety. You don’t stop being a police officer just because it is the end your shift. They both did a fantastic job!”