MADISON, NJ - It turns out people don't mind getting up early on a Sunday if it's for a good cause - and if there are pancakes involved.

The Madison High School Marching Dodgers Booster Club held a pancake breakfast fundraiser Sunday morning.
This is the third year that the boosters have organized a breakfast. The proceeds from this morning's event will go towards purchasing many basic band items, such as instruments, since the program is relatively new.

“We are trying to cover the basics right now, because we are not funded,” commented Booster Beth Riley. One of her kids is a senior who plays piccolo in the band, and a sophomore who is a member of the color guard.

Prior to 2010, Madison High School had not had a marching band program since 1995. In the past three years since the program's rejuvenation, the approximately 50 students have become state champs in their division.

“We have come a long way from khakis and polos,” said Amy Roland, a Booster parent who also has two children in the band. The band has become increasingly more active in the Madison community by participating in parades downtown and at the elementary school.

Thanks to the new band program, several of the students have been inspired to pursue a career in music education and many intend to continue band when they're in college.

The Boosters also acknowledged the support they have received from the Madison High School football team.

“We hope that the crowd comes to the football games as much to see the band as much as they do for the football game,” Roland added.