All Madisonians have a potential role in improving the academic achievement of our students.  I believe that heightened awareness and involvement with the schools among all Madisonians helps to improve academic achievement. 

Almost every resident is a taxpayer, a high percentage are parents, and an extremely wonderful group are donors.  But we can go farther. 

From high school age onward, any interested Madisonian can be an assessor of the public schools, either through their personal experience or through information that can be gathered from the school district and from the state.  Any Madisonian can be a questioner of how our district operates versus how things are done in high-performing districts nearby.  Any Madisonian can be a supporter of our district, by large acts of volunteerism, or by small acts of promoting our district to outsiders.

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I want to encourage, and help enable, any interested Madisonian to step into any of these roles.

We recently celebrated our town’s National Merit Scholarship semifinalists.  Congratulations!  In the sports realm, we celebrate the victories, but we also track the complete record, and we learn from the tough losses.  I want to see Madisonians track the complete record of our district so that they can root for and support the schools in the way that is best for them. 

The district can provide more information to Madisonians by way of television, school tours, mailings, etc.  As an example from our borough government, all residents recently received a burst of high-quality financial information about the borough in an insert in their utility bills.  I wonder if the borough would allow the school district to include such a page someday.

To me, improving the information flow to residents is part of striving for higher academic results.  It is part of aiming higher.