I am seeking a position on the Madison Board of Education in to add additional vigor to our district’s efforts at improving the academic achievement of all students – the high performers, students in the middle, and those striving to achieve grade level or other personal goals.  I particularly want to bring attention to the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, STEM, disciplines, where our district might not be quite as competitive as it is in other disciplines.

Our current district leaders certainly have attended to academic education issues and deserve credit for getting the district to where we are currently.  Thank you!  A portion of the way forward involves curriculum details such as when and how we bring students along in their coursework during their educational progression.  Another portion of the way forward involves helping more parents and community stakeholders become involve in, and enthused about, the workings and objectives of our district.  I call it “Widening the Team.”

Additionally I believe that Madison would be well served by more actively marketing its school district to parents that have a range of good choices.  To the extent that an education-minded family chooses Madison public schools instead of an independent school, or a nearby high-performing district, all Madisonians benefit.  I call it “Spreading the Word.”

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I have the skills and experience to contribute effectively to Madison’s Board of Education.  I was a National Merit Scholar, earning an undergraduate degree in Economics at Northwestern University, with Honors-level and graduate-level coursework.  I have a Master’s degree in Finance at the University of Chicago in Finance, achieved partly at night.  I earned a PhD in Economics at the City University of New York with an award-winning and published dissertation on corporate governance.

I have been a technology consultant with then Arthur Andersen.  I have been a bond portfolio manager with Citibank and Prudential, partly as a Managing Director leading investment teams.  I hold the chartered Financial Analyst, CFA, designation.  I am currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Baruch College in New York.  I teach Statistics, Economics and Finance to undergraduates and to Master’s level students.  I serve on Madison’s Open Space, Recreation, and Historic Preservation Advisory Committee.  I am also the primary caregiver to my twin 7 year-old daughters who will be second graders at Central Avenue School in September.

I look forward to a campaign season that raises the profile of education issues in Madison.  I look forward to earning the votes of parents, and of all Madison taxpayers.