Building on the success of last year, I will again have free used children’s books available at my table at Bottle Hill Day.  While supplies last, any interested child may choose one to take home.  We know that one way to encourage reading in young children is to associate it with other fun activities in their lives.  My hope is to add book exploration and acquisition to the list of attractions that children look forward to at Bottle Hill Day.  Of course I also hope to stimulate reading at home. 

I believe that linking the enjoyment of a new book and the excitement of Bottle Hill Day may convey to a child a type of town-wide encouragement of their reading development.   I also hope it serves as a reminder to adults that supporting the educational process is also best considered as a town-wide endeavor.  Madison is fortunate to have so many active parents, fine teachers, and wonderful donors to the Madison Educational Foundation and to the Parent-Teacher Organizations.  I hope that this educational effort at Bottle Hill Day reminds other citizens and taxpayers how valuable their contribution is to the future trajectory of Madison and its children.