MORRIS TOWNSHIP, NJ - The Morris Township Health Department is advising residents that a raccoon found on Patriot's Path near Inamere Road, earlier this week, has tested positive for the Rabies virus.

According to Township officials, rabies is a fatal disease of warm-blooded mammals caused by a virus. An infected animal carries the rabies virus in its saliva and infects other animals or people through bites, scratches and contact with the saliva. Once infected animals become ill, they may bite or attack other animals or people.

Officials are advising residents to stay away from and not feed stray or wild animals.

Health Officials urge anyone who has been bitten or scratched by any suspected animal to act promptly. Immediately wash the bite wound with soap and water and then contact your doctor. If you pet has been bitten or in a fight with a wild animal, contact the health Department or veterinarian.