Bamboo is a misunderstood plant species. The public is vastly uneducated on the subject and typically comes to incorrect conclusions.

This letter is in response to Terry Romano's letter, "Say No to Bamboo"...

From Terry Romano...

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Running bamboo cannot be contained. Barriers will fail over time. The root system which is found in running bamboo expands horizontally making the plant difficult to maintain and more likely to cause damage to surrounding areas.

Bamboo barriers when done correctly can last for decades, typical HDPE (plastic) barriers will last over 100 years underground. Concrete or metal can and will fail, but this is not true for plastic. Bamboo roots are very shallow and easy to contain..

Bamboo damage has already burdened residents with costly property repairs which include: driveway repairs, foundations, retaining walls, sidewalks, pipes and damaging the ecosystem of other non invasive trees and plants.

This is one of the most common misconceptions with bamboo. Bamboo rhizomes are actually very weak and not forceful. They will not damage driveways, foundations, retaining walls, or sidewalks. Trees are what cause damage to these objects, not bamboo. As for pipes, bamboo does grow towards water sources, so it's possible that rhizomes may enter septic pipes or similar. We have also not seen any instances where bamboo has impacted other species of plants other than providing shade.

Bamboo is not so bad and when properly controlled it is a great addition to any landscape. I do not believe it's the government's responsibility to limit what we can plant in our gardens.

Daniel Mullaly

Lewis Bamboo