MADISON, NJ – Superintendent of Schools Michael Rossi shared the results of a vandalism and violence report at the Tuesday Board of Education meeting.

All five schools were included. “Various actions can be taken,” he said, “including expulsion or removal of privileges.”  There have been two detentions. Assault is measured in specific categories and the issues deal with culture and climate.

Madison High School had two incidents of violence, four of vandalism and four of substance abuse during the past school year. Madison Junior School saw three incidents of violence, three of vandalism, one of weapons and one of substance abuse. The three elementary schools had zero incidents. 

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The report also itemizes the district action taken regarding the student offender. Another category covered incident summary by location, such as the cafeteria, classroom, corridor, school grounds, building exterior or bus.

Remedial action related to a student victim covers counseling, parent conferences, monitoring during the school day and school transportation supervision.

In other matters, the board discussed technology issues, especially the use of Chrome books and personal use of iPads. “We are confident that we did our due diligence,” Ross said of the Chrome initiative. “There has been a lot of praise for the Chrome book.”

The board requested full compensation from the state of New Jersey for unfunded mandates. One specified was the expanded teachers evaluation system and curriculum based on the Common Core standards. The board has spent and will spend upwards of $1 million for these mandates, according to the agenda item. The Board of Education will ask the New Jersey Commissioner of Education David Hespe to reimburse the board and will notify the legislative delegation, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the State Senate President and Assembly Speaker to take steps to fully fund these mandates.

The next Board of Education meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 4 at Madison High School.