MADISON, NJ - This past Friday, Madison High School students along with faculty and coaches served their community in a town wide "Service Day" setting up donation stations for causes and providing free labor and/or support to those in need.

Members from the Madison High School girls soccer team were stationed outside Stop & Shop supermarket in Madison.  

Despite the heat, the very enthusiastic girls were camped out at both entrances collecting cleaning and laundry products from a list of much needed items for the Jersey Battered Women's Service (JBWS).  

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Not only were the girls wearing JBWS campaign tee-shirts and visibly spirited about the collection, they were excited about speaking to those who stopped about the JBWS and why they were there.

"They are doing a good thing," said one shopper.  "They handed me a list of items they were collecting as I went into the store.  I picked up two of the things off the list while inside and donated it on the way out."

The group of girls had collected over $300 in cash donations as well in just a short time.

"I think it's a great opportunity for the Madison High School girls soccer team to contribute to a worthy cause and raise awareness of the work the Jersey Battered Womens Society does," said Kevin Lynott, head coach of the girls soccer team who was there onsite with the student volunteers.

The girls soccer team was just one of many groups of teens lead by supervisors from Madison High School who contributed to important projects and initiatives in town and throughout the county.

Groups of students volunteered to help clean up the grounds of the elementary schools, including pruning and planting, while others volunteered time with community daycare and elderly centers.

The "Service Day" has become a tradition at Madison High School of giving back and being aware that there is a lot of education that can come from outside the classroom.