Get rid of that dry, tired winter skin.
Dry skin impairs your tissue repair function, leaving you skin lifeless, flaky and dull.

Introducing The Quench Facial from the professionals at SKN Lab in Madison. This super hydrating facial uses an ultrasonic scrubber to clear away the dull, flakey winter skin. Then we use ultrasound waves to penetrate and Quench the skin with hydrating serums to replenish depleted moisture levels. You will leave feeling relaxed, moisturized and RENEWED!

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to keep your skin in tip/top shape for the spring:

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Do – Exfoliate regularly, products cannot penetrate if you have a dry outer layer of skin.

Do – Use products containing hylaronic acid. This wonderful ingredient binds moisture to the skin.

Do – Remember your sunscreen. This is important ALL year round!!

Don’t – Use drying astringents containing a lot of alcohol or harmful ingredients. This strips the skin of important moisture.

Don’t – forget your annual trip to the dermatologist. An annual trip for a full body skin check is very important in addressing any medical skin concerns such as melanoma.

Don’t – use body soaps on your face. The skin on your face is more delicate and requires special attention and appropriate ingredients.

For more great skin tips visit or call Beth at SKN LAB in the Waverly Alley, Madison!

"The Quench" facial is now available!