MADISON, NJ - The cold, dark winter is over, and while most of us are excited to see our daffodils coming up, some women in Madison will soon be turning their attention to other, more delicate flowers.

We're not talking about tulips (but if we were that would have been GREAT). We're also not talking about orchids or pussy willows. We're talking about “vajayjays,” “hoohahs,” or simply, “Vs.” The reason for the attention is that lots of women are getting ready for spring break, which means that many will be flying to warmer climates and thus wearing a swimsuit for the first time since August.

If you haven’t worn a swimsuit in eight months and you are a woman, you are worried about two things: cellulite and pubic hair. There isn’t much you can do about cellulite in the two weeks we have until April 10, but you can do something about pubic hair, which is where Waxing the City comes in.

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Waxing the City is a new, urban-inspired waxing studio located on the corner of Green Village and Main Street. Fortunately for women looking to get their lady parts cleaned up in time for spring break, Waxing the City specializes in bikini waxes, including Brazilians.

What’s a Brazilian?

A casual, extremely unscientific poll conducted by TAPinto Madison revealed that while most people can intuit that a Brazilian means all hair below the equator is removed, some still have questions involving a certain unmentionable body part but are too mortified to ask them. To help these people, we have summarized the various bikini waxes you can get at Waxing the City using these casual, extremely unscientific (and, frankly, childish) illustrations:




FullSizeRender (1).jpg


FullSizeRender (2).jpg


Joy O’Meara, co-owner of Waxing the City, said there is no need for clients to be embarrassed when discussing exactly what kind of bikini wax they want. “Whether you are a regular or a first timer, our cerologists are serious about their training and display a level of professionalism that sets us apart from other salons that offer additional services,” she said. “In addition, our front desk personnel are trained to answer the most intimate of questions, and you can always send us an email.”

O’Meara thankfully added that clients are free to call that “unmentionable” place “the inner backside.”

According to O’Meara, here are a few things women should do to prepare for their bikini wax:

  1. Stop shaving -- Your pubic hair needs to be at least ¼ inch long to have the best results, which usually takes three weeks. You’ve only got two, so hopefully you have been lazy this winter and are already a little overgrown.

  2. Exfoliate -- Use a loofah or a scrub a day or two before your wax to help with ingrown hairs that could occur after the wax.

  3. If possible, time your wax for one week after your period, when you are at your least sensitive.

  4. Don’t stress about the pain -- If requested, the cerologists at Waxing the City can apply a high quality numbing spray before your bikini wax. Also, a numbing cream can be purchased at the studio and applied at home 30 minutes beforehand. “When either of these are combined with an ibuprofen 30 minutes before the wax, the pain is greatly minimized,” said O’Meara. “Most clients tell us it wasn’t as bad as they feared.”

  5. If you’re nervous, it helps to bring a friend for moral support (who will obviously wait for you in the lobby).


Post-wax, O’Meara offered the following tips:


  1. To prevent ingrown hairs, continue to exfoliate and apply a topical ingrown hair prevention product at home 24 to 48 hours after your wax, and continue doing so three times a week. Waxing the City offers several kinds of ingrown hair prevention products depending on your needs, and they work in conjunction with exfoliating to achieve the best result.

  2. Ask about a cooling mask that can be applied after your wax, to help quiet and soothe the area.

  3. Remember the three S’s -- no Sex, Sun or Swimming. “Your pores will be open immediately after your wax, so your chance for infection is slightly higher,” said O’Meara.

  4. Keep exercise and sweating to a minimum. “This is not the time to take the most advanced cardio class at the gym,” she said.

  5. Don’t wear tight underwear, or pants for that matter.

  6. With more frequent waxing, the pain becomes less and less, so try to get on a regular schedule.

To schedule your spring break bikini wax, you can either call Waxing the City at 973-845-9700, book your appointment online at or send an email to