The backpacks are filled with sharpened pencils, folders and notebooks ready for the new school year.  Is your child ready?  Many parents are having the ‘back-to-school’ conversation with their students, hoping to prepare them for a successful academic year.  Have you heard yourself say?... 

“this year don’t wait till the last minute to study for a test”

“get a good night’s sleep and eat a good breakfast so you can stay focused in school”

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“don’t procrastinate on assignments this year; make a weekly schoolwork plan and stick to it!”

Why not prepare them with an understanding of how they learn best?  Go beyond the traditional study skills and identify how your student actually learns.  Determine their strengths and how to apply them to support weaker skills.

Academic Journeys partner, Mindprint Learning, gives families insight about students’ reasoning, memory, speed and executive functioning skills, including attention.  A Mindprint evaluation gives families insight about students’ learning strengths and needs, helping them to maximize their strengths while supporting weaknesses.  Complete the Observation Checklist Identifying Learning Struggles today and call to schedule the one-hour test.  Summer pricing is still in effect!