The Madison Public Library is offering a series of creative, hands-on classes for teens and adults on Thursday evenings in the Chase Room this summer.  You do NOT need to be artistic to participate.  Each of the classes will be 2 hours long, and participants will have a finished product to take home at the end of the night.    There will be a $5.00 fee to cover the cost of materials for each class.   Registration is required and must be completed one week prior to the class.  To reserve your space, call the library (973) 377-0722.   The Madison Public Library is located at 39 Keep Street.

June 30th – 7pm – 9pm: Screen Printing Totes and T-shirts -  The art of screen printing will be taught, and you will make your own stencil to print on your t-shirt and tote bag.   You provide your own light-color pre-washed t-shirt.  We provide the tote bags.

July 7th -   7pm – 9pm: Book making – Using recycled paper and paint, you will create a beautiful book to use as a journal or to write your first novel! 

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July 14th – 7pm – 9pm: Decorative fans – Create a beautiful decorative fan for those hot summer days.  These Asian-inspired fans will make you smile in spite of the heat!

July 21st – 7pm-9pm: Mandala Making – A mandala , from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit, is defined loosely as a circle.  It reveals some inner truth about you or the world.  You will learn the history of the mandala,  and design and create your own.    Patterns will be available for those who feel they need them. 

July 28th – 7pm – 9pm: Huichol (Mexican Yarn Painting) – These beautiful paintings are made with yarn and glue on paper or wood.  Create your own design or use one of the ones we provide.   

August 4th – 7pm – 9pm: Illuminating Poetry – Bring a favorite poem with you.  You will create a design and cut it on a printing block.  The print and the poem will become a wonderful piece of art. 

August 11th – 7pm-9pm:   Learn about African jewelry; Make your own piece(s) to take home and wear proudly.