MADISON, NJ - Along with the first weeks of Spring and the warmer weather, homeowners also start to notice wear and tear the long winter and many hours in the house have left behind.

The "Go To Guy" can be the quick and inexpensive solution to some annoying household problems.  

Are you starting to hear that annoying sound from your toilet where it keeps running? Most of the time this means that all you need is a new flapper; no need to call a plumber and spend $100 for a 15-minute house call and less than a $10 part. Just reach down into your toilet tank (it's only cold water) and unhook the flapper. Take it to Home Depot or your local hardware store and have them sell you a replacement. Then bring it home and hook it back on. If you're not comfortable doing this, Go To Guy can do it for you, saving you more than half of what you'd pay a plumber for this simple fix.

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Furnace/HVAC filters need to be changed usually every 3 months at a minimum. No need to call some company that's going to charge you over $100 for a service call to come out and give you a filter that costs less than $20 at Home Depot. Go To Guy can easily do this for you and save you money. Buy the filter and give him a call. 

With the warmer weather, hopefully you'll be spending more time outside.  You'll begin to notice how many of those landscape and lamp post light bulbs have blown out.  Most electricians find it's not worth it for them to come out just to change those bulbs or fuses.  And if you happen to get someone who does, they'll probably try to upsell you in order to justify the house call.  You don't need to be a licensed electrician to change light bulbs. Go To Guy specializes in this and will save you even more dollars. 

"I am not trying to replace plumbers and electricians, but what I am proposing is there are a lot of small jobs around the house that can add up to expensive house calls when a quick inexpensive fix is a viable solution," said Adam Spiel, Owner and Operator of Go to Guy.  "No job is too small for me and I feel I am helping customers save money and time."  

Go to Guy can be reached by calling 973-906-0441 or via email

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