MADISON, NJ - The London Day School is committed to bringing the best and most current ideas and learning practices to their students so they are engaged and challenged every day, says Danielle Lindner, owner of The London Day School.

One such practice that you may have heard about as it relates to expanding the learning opportunity for children, is the idea of bringing STEM learning activities into the classroom.  

STEM by definition is an interdisciplinary approach to learning, where academic concepts in the areas of Science, Technology, Math and Engineering are used in conjunction with one another to create new, exciting and challenging activities for children.  

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Over the next few months, The London Day School will be educating staff about the STEM approach to learning and will begin incorporating these centers and lessons into all of their classrooms.  

"Every class from our two year old students through our Kindergarten will have STEM incorporated at some level into their curriculum," said Deanna Hansen, Director of the school.

The London Day School will be incorporating various STEM activities into its current curriculum to enhance its students' experience and provide them with even more opportunity to explore subjects that are often forgotten in early childhood programs.  A typical STEM center will allow children to work together on a project that will encourage them to use various skills in Math, Technology, Engineering, and Science.  

Children will learn how to work together and take an investigational approach to a problem.  "We are excited that even our littlest learners will have the opportunity to have STEM Centers in their classroom and will build upon their skills as they move through our exciting program," said Hansen.

Along with the STEM program, educators find that incorporating art into these centers and learning activities are stimulating and important areas for students to explore.  This type of lesson is called STEAM.  The London Day School will also be incorporating STEAM centers into the current curriculum.

For additional information about The London Day School Experience, or to plan a tour, call:  973-377-0311 or visit them at  The London Day School is located at: 10 Ridgedale Avenue in Florham Park, directly on the border of Madison.