TAPintoTravels - One of America’s favorite pastimes has been watching Super Bowl commercials.  They have become spectacles of their own. Often gaining more attention than the game itself.  

For Super Bowl LII, at least 10 commercials with significant travel themes or exotic locations were featured.

Here are TAPinto Travels' picks for the best Super Bowl with significant travel themes. For the top 3, check above.

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10.  Senior citizen working as a lifeguard on the beaches of Savanna.

9. Even Tide got in on the travel theme by featuring the Old Spice guy on horseback enjoying a beautiful beach.

8.  Los Angeles was well represented in a commercial starring Chris Pratt for Michelob Ultra.

7.  Cloverfield Paradox offered us some incredible and frightening views of New York City.

6.  “Infinity War” fulfilled our dream of flying in space while showing dramatic views of Africa,

5.  A group of clergy from multiple religions and faiths travel together to a football game in harmony.

4. Keanu Reeves is inspired on a motorcycle ride through the desert for Squarespace.