When her Fairy Godmother dressed Cinderella in the most beautiful garb imaginable, it was no fluke that she created her iconic slippers out of glass.  Glass has been used by master craftsmen for centuries to represent true beauty and reflection.

Glass tile, whether used as an accent around a mirror or shower in a bathroom, or as the focal point of a kitchen, is an exciting technique used to showcase an area of a room.  The versatility of glass allows it to be used on its own, or incorporated easily into mixed media presentations with marble, porcelain, slate, ceramic and stone.

Why glass? 

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Glass tiles can be used on any surface and mixed with a variety of materials.  With the advent of water jet cutting, glass can be made into a beautiful, stand-alone mosaic pattern or mixed with other materials to create striking displays. If you choose to use just glass, you can mix matte, gloss, and iridescent tiles to create a variety of spectacular looks.

Glass reflects light, and can make even a tight space appear brighter and larger.  Translucent by definition, the color of the glass you select will show all the way through the tile, providing dimension and depth to your space.


Glass shower inset?  Glass pool bottom?  Glass fireplace surround?  Be bold and adventurous in your usage for this adaptable material.  Since glass is frost proof it can be used in pools, floors, fireplaces, showers, kitchens etc.

And while maintenance of other types of decorative tile can require more detailed care, glass tile is a breeze to keep clean with any supermarket brand glass cleanser.  Spray on…wipe clean…voila!


It is best to show your contractor the glass tile you are considering purchasing before making the commitment to buy, particularly for projects using larger glass tiles.  While larger glass tiles work perfectly for walls and other vertical applications, they should not be used on floors.  For floors, mosaic glass is perfect.  Because of its size, slippage is minimal. Mosaics also can make otherwise drab walls pop with a splash of color and style.

It is critical to remember that construction projects settle, and the glass just might not move along with the walls.  An experienced contractor will make allowances for this when sheet rocking; expansion joints will be used so that the glass will not crack.

The setting material for glass should be white and be thin set with a latex additive. Regular wall setting material should not be used.

When glass tile is installed properly, it is hard to scratch or damage.

Finding the perfect tile can influence greatly the look of your entire renovation.  Glass tile can change the mood and feel of the room from a calming Eastern theme to a spicy Moroccan paradise.  It does not take a huge amount of this versatile material to really add depth, warmth, luxury, texture and value to your home. 

With an enormous selection of mosaics, colors, and textures, the possibilities are limitless to personalize your own space.  Your tile design professionals can help you create your dream project with unique visual appeal.

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