MADISON, NJ – Detecting risky behavior in teenagers may be more difficult than some parents think. Some of these red flags may be visible—but not immediately noticeable—in a child’s room.

Hidden in Plain Sight is an adult-only event on Oct. 19, 6-8 p.m., at Madison High School designed to help parents recognize these warning signs and how they may relate to drug use, according to event organizers.

Discover how alcohol and drugs can be easily hidden in a teenager’s bedroom and learn about local resources and ways to bring awareness to your community at this local event.

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Prevention specialists, local law enforcement and other professionals will be on hand to explain various substance abuse trends, signs, symptoms and culture at various stations throughout the walk-around exhibit.

The purpose of this event is to “raise awareness about substance abuse and provide resources for parents and community members to keep Madison’s youth healthy and drug free,” said event organizers.

Hidden in Plain Sight is sponsored by the Madison Alliance Addressing Substance Abuse, Madison Health Department and Madison High School.

For more information, call 973.625.1998, x18.