MADISON, NJ -  During this pandemic, Madison, Chatham Borough, Chatham Township, and local members have joined forces to compile some helpful resources for all residents, said the organization.

Tri-Town cares is asking community members to make a "difference within yourself and to others in the community" by participating in a Community Action Week.

Today is Give To Your Community Day. Community members are encouraged to donate pantry items to the CUMC Covid Relief Food Pantry Wish or clean up a local area. Find out more at

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  • Monday was Gratitude Day where community members were asked to be grateful. Are you grateful for the EMS? The police? Maybe a family member or friend? 
  • Tuesday was Be A Good Neighbor Day where community members are asked to say "Hello" to every neighbor you see. Offer to do a favor for a neighbor and commit to being a watchful neighbor to reduce crime.
  • Wednesday was Mindfulness Day. Learn about the practice of mindfullness. Find a mindful minute to spend and share with someone
  • Thursday was Feed a Neighbor Day. The community was encouraged donate a box of fresh produce to a local family in need or to "BOO" your neighbor. 

"Small actions add up to make a big difference", said the organization

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