'Twas the night after Thanksgiving and Cramer left his house

To join Madison's parade with his new found spouse.

His carpets weren't hung in the windows with care

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Because a magical village had been created there.

The children weren't nestled all snug in their beds.

They were at Cramer's window with hats on their heads.

Their mamas were with them wearing their wraps

And a lot of the papas were wearing ball caps.

Out on the streets of Madison there was such a clatter.

It was the holiday parade with all kinds of matter.

There were vendors and pretzels and toys with a flash.

There was even a uni-cyclist who took a big crash!

Cramer's miniature village was active with lots of snow.

This gave much luster to all the objects below.

Cramers Carpet One people always appear

Giving free cookies and cider to all each year.

On the street revving his engine parading lively and quick

Came the DDC and Brad Cramer, not quite St. Nick!

He looked to his store-happy his workers came!

And he whistled and shouted and called them by name.

"Now Dovlyn, now Billy, now John, now Troy!

Make sure you give cookies to each girl and boy!

To each mom and dad give them some cookies too.

Give away, give away our hot cider brew!"

Eating their goodies to the window they did fly

To see the village in action and the train passing by.

Up to the top of the mountains eyes flew

To see the working Toy Shop and St. Nick too!

Carousels twinkled-there were dancers and fairies!

Skiing, skating and sledding, all so merry!

The singing and shopping, horses to and fro.

Mountains of trees abound with lights all aglow.

"It's a beautiful vision" you will say to yourself.

Every employee at Cramers is such a good elf.

At this time of year Cramers wants you to see

The spirit of the season and to fill hearts with glee.

Spring from your homes, come give us a whistle.

Come to Madison, fly like the down of a thistle.

Enjoy the cheer of the town, come see us one night.

Happy Holidays from Cramers!

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