On Sunday November 4th, Mayor Conley updated Pastor Nancy Lynch and the congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Madison about efforts to restore power to the Borough of Madison.

Here's the text:

As I see Mayor Mary-Anna Holden sitting in front, i know i have learned something she already knew, It's an honor to serve as Mayor of the Borough of Madison. Events like Hurricane Sandy only reinforce my belief that this town we all call home is truly a special place. in the call center it was suggested that we send out an alert to see if those who no longer needed generators would be willing share their generator. Within minutes we had generators to to share with others in need, another confirmation of the great town we live in.

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Even though we've made incredible progress to rebuild our community, we can't rest until all families have power, light and heat restored. Standing here in this comfortable setting, I can't help but think about those families and without power trying to stay warm as the temperature drops, the days get darker and hope fades. Remember whether you were the among first to get power or on one of the last, we are in this together. If you have power reach out to a family in the dark, if you don't have power, don't be shy, call a friend with lights and heat.

Here are some specific things you can do to help:

( 1 ). If you have electricity and own a generator, please consider temporarily donating it through our Share a Generator Program run by the Fire Department for a family without heat. 

( 2 ). If you can spare electrical extension cords or gas cans, please consider sharing them.  

( 3 ). Cook a hot meal for others. 

( 4 ). Consider sharing your home with others less fortunate. 

( 5 ). Volunteer to work on the Emergency Command Center phone banks.  

( 6 ). Simply say a prayer for those less fortunate than us today. 

Henry Ford said " Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. That's Madison in a nut shell.

If you can help, please call the Madison Police Department at 973-593-3000. Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today.