MADISON, NJ- There’s an unmistakable Soho vibe walking down Main Street these days, thanks in part to Waxing the City, a modern new studio specializing in hair removal located at the corner of Green Village and Main Street near Short Stories. Originating in Denver, Waxing the City provides both men and women with a comfortable, expert waxing experience more typical of the upscale boutiques you would find in an urban locale.

Husband and wife owners Joy O’Meara and Humberto Wispe, who live nearby in Florham Park, chose Madison as the location for their studio after falling in love with the town.

“We’ve been coming to Madison for years for dinner at Rocco’s or Poor Herbie’s, and we have always been so impressed by the people and the feeling of community,” said O’Meara. “We were so happy to find the perfect downtown space here.”

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O’Meara said her team of certified cerologists use a proprietary blend of wax made exclusively for them in Spain. For the face and more sensitive areas of the body, they use a hard wax that shrink wraps and hardens the hair, lifting it from the skin and causing less pain. For larger areas such as legs, arms, chest and back, they use a more traditional soft wax. In addition, the licensed estheticians use special mapping techniques and smaller strips to give them more control -- especially when it comes to the bikini area.

“All of our bikini and Brazilian clients are treated with the utmost care and discretion,” said O’Meara. “We recognize that a bikini wax or Brazilian is a very intimate service, so we go to great lengths to make sure our client is comfortable, relaxed, and appropriately covered during the service. You will find that we really pay attention to the details.”

O’Meara also stressed how Waxing the City is 100 percent dedicated to waxing. “We aren’t a hair or nail salon who also does waxing. We are focused on providing a superior waxing experience for every one of our clients, no matter what they are coming in for,” she said.

The cerologists will take the time to talk to you before you get your wax and discuss any concerns or adverse reactions you may have had in the past. When one client mentioned that she tends to break out after a lip wax, the cerologist recommended applying two different calming products -- one with antiseptic properties on the left and one with soothing lavender on the right -- to try to identify and isolate the problem. If the client reacted more on right, for example, then she would know to avoid applying a lavender oil after a lip wax in the future.

“I also wanted to mention that we are particularly sensitive to the distinct needs of men when it comes to their hair removal,” said O’Meara. “Our studio is warm, hip and comfortable, and we designed it to be very inclusive of men; we are definitely a unisex studio. My husband is an avid waxer, so we know personally how to cater to this group.”

Soon, Waxing the City will be introducing a loyalty program as well as specials for clients looking to get away for Spring Break. There are also a variety of customized add-on services clients can ask about at their first visit. For more information, call Waxing the City at 973-845-9700 or visit