MADISON, NJ - Sewer jetting will take place in Madison. Sewer jetting, according to borough officials, is a non-invasive process that forces water through a series of flexible hoses into sewer lines. The high pressure jetting can break up and flush out deposits that are blocking the sewer lines like sediment, grease, hair, mineral build-up, tree roots and debris.

"This process allows us to keep our sewer infrastructure clear and working properly", said borough officials. "To reduce the potential for messes, we encourage all residents to ensure their toilet seats and covers are down and drains are closed when jetting is scheduled to take place in your neighborhood.  As jetting is taking place, gurgling within your toilets can occur - this is normal and should not cause any concern". 

During the week of January 25 through January 29, sewer jetting will take place on the following streets:

  • Prospect Street
  • Belmont Street
  • Keep Street
  • Lincoln Place
  • Kings Road (From YMCA to Cross Street)
  • Cross Street
  • Cottage Place
  • Seaman Street




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