I’ve always believed that “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”.  So I want the voters in Madison to know what I stand for. 

 I care about the students in our town! That is the primary reason I decided to become a candidate for the Board of Education. I am a concerned parent who wants the best for all students of this district. My children currently attend 10th grade at MHS and 4th grade at TJS. 

 I have participated in the PTO/PTSO organizations over the years, holding many of the executive board positions. I am currently a Co-President at TJS, and a member of the executive board of Parents and Professionals for Exceptional Children (Special Services parenting group). I participated in the Education First Steering Committee for the 2005 Referendum Project, because I have always valued the type of education that Madison offers its students.

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  I have a MA in Economics from Rutgers University, and I have coached recreation soccer and softball for the last 4 years. I am also an active volunteer at St. Vincent Martyr church as a lay minister and a member of the Envision Advisory Team.   If elected, I am committed to ensuring that we continue to offer the programs and opportunities to all our students, and do so without excessive burdens to our taxpayers. 

 I believe we have a talented pool of human resources in our teachers and staff and that we can all come together to create innovative ways to fund programs and opportunities through grant proposals, while keeping a watchful eye on spending.

  • I believe we need to maintain our class size guidelines and vehemently oppose any increase to these guidelines.
  • I will ensure that the programs and opportunities we offer are allocated fairly across all the district schools.
  • I believe we need to use the programs and equipment that we purchase, and to ensure that they are necessary, prior to investing large amounts of money in them.
  • I believe in establishing rules that should be adhered to by everyone.  All people, including students and staff members, should be held accountable for their actions.
  • I don’t believe in tenure.  I believe that all teachers & administrators who do a great job should not be in jeopardy of losing their job.  At the same time, those who are not performing up to acceptable standards should not be guaranteed a job for life.
  • I believe all employees should be paid a fair wage for satisfactory performance, but we should not over compensate any positions.  If cuts must be made, they should not be in the classroom!  ECA is a wonderful and enriching experience for students, but it is extra. We should not preserve funding for extracurricular activities at the cost of academics. I would prefer a Pay-to-Play option and increasing ECA fees as opposed to eliminating programs, assuming that the programs can be sustained through that option.
  • I believe that both students and staff deserve recognition for outstanding performance, whether it pertainsto athletics, academics or the arts. However, I also feel that this recognition should not cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars.
  • I feel that we should not be spending taxpayer dollars for things that are not necessary. Priorities must be set and adhered to.  All students should have access to the materials needed for the curriculum and should not be required to share books, while tax dollars are being spent on unnecessary items.

I would be happy to address any and all concerns regarding any issues you feel important. You can contact me at kasz210@optonline.net.  I may not have all the answers, but I promise I am committed to “Doing the Right Thing”!  Please come out on April 27th, support the budget and vote for a new voice on the Board of Education.