What’s important when considering an assisted living facility for a loved one?

Maintaining a clean and healthy environment for residents of any assisted living facility should be of the utmost importance to you in your search for the right place.  Not all flooring installations are created equal.  Find out what the facility’s solution is for minimizing mold, mildew, microorganisms, bacteria, dust, mites, allergens and pollens.  These dangerous microorganisms are living and growing on surfaces, sub-flooring and in the air, creating potential health risks. 

When resident turnover occurs at a facility, what is its practice for removal of the old floor before a new carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile or vinyl installation?  Does its method include the use of a TRUE HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filtration of smaller particles invisible to the human eye than the process of a traditional vacuum filter which can re-circulate those particles back into the air? Does the facility use an antimicrobial treatment prior to all installations?  Find out if the facility is accredited and meets (IASQ) Indoor Air & Surface Quality Standards. Can they disinfect and diminish allergens and bacteria?  Can they limit surface microorganisms from becoming airborne during an installation?  What steps do they take to preserve indoor air quality?

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There’s a lot to question and consider when selecting just the right place for someone you care about. An assisted living environment has unique needs.  Make sure your loved one is placed in a safe facility, and that all begins with cleaner, healthier flooring solutions.

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