This year’s Road Improvement Program by the Borough of Madison includes road improvement work in your neighborhood within the next several weeks, weather conditions permitting. The improvements are permanent and the inconvenience will be temporary. The program has been the subject of multiple public hearings and the construction contract documents remain available in the office of the Borough Engineer for review during regular business hours, should additional information be desired.

The Borough of Madison has awarded a contract to the following General Contractor for this project : J.A. Alexander, Inc. 973-680-0220

The construction contractor will coordinate with and contact residents in the immediate vicinity of work to minimize inconvenience. Your cooperation is requested during the time of construction to relocate the vehicles you intend to use on days in which the contractor is active in your immediate vicinity. This will minimize interruption of construction work, avoid limiting your entry/exit on certain days and allow the contractor to finish as soon as possible. Parking restrictions will be enforced by the Police Department during construction if vehicles impede construction progress. Overnight parking enforcement may be waived by the Police Department in areas where driveway access is temporarily blocked (we anticipate driveway access restored within 48 hours in individual cases, weather permitting).

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pecific advance construction or scheduling problems may be directed to the office of the Borough Engineer (973-593-3061). You may expect future delivered notices regarding construction activity and may also check our website or visit the municipal offices for updates regarding municipal projects or activities. The Police Department can be contacted for traffic information and assistance. Finally, improving your infrastructure is important to the Borough.