The team of Catalanello, Rowe & Dailey want to remind all voters that they are the only candidates who will address the growing, massive surplus that Madison has been amassing the past seven years.
Since 2012 the borough’s many surplus accounts have increased by over $7,000,000, or over $1,000,000 per year.
Eight months ago the mayor formed a committee to make recommendations, yet to-date, the only action council has taken is a cursory review of just the municipal portion of the surplus with a recommendation from the bond counsel to stay the course.  As Councilman Rowe noted that evening, the bond counsel only cares about bond holders, and in their minds a surplus can never be too large.  But Madison's Borough Council is supposed to represent residents, not bond holders!  And it is Madison residents who are being overcharged for electricity and property taxes.
In contrast, our opponents in this year’s election haven’t once mentioned the giant surplus or what they will do to arrest its growth or return some of the money to residents.  If they are elected, any chance that residents will see any of that money coming back to them will be eliminated.

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The community needs independent, experienced representatives that will put residents’ financial interests over all others.  Only the team of Rob Catalanello for Mayor, and Pat Rowe & Kathy Dailey for Council, have made that commitment and have the ability to delivery on that promise.

On Tuesday, November 5 please vote for Catalanello, Rowe & Dailey.