As the people of New Jersey step up heroically in response to the Coronavirus, one person who has lots of questions still to answer is Gov Murphy.

While Gov Murphy has been quick to demand enormous sacrifices from the citizens of New Jersey, he has yet to offer specific remedies to help the workers and small business owners of New Jersey during the Coronavirus crisis, as well as provide financial remedies for when it is over. Specifically: 

  • Gov Murphy hasn't said how he is going to keep small businesses capitalized and/or get access to capital
  • Gov Murphy hasn't offered any regulatory relief to small businesses
  • Gov Murphy hasn't offered any concrete plans to help restaurants, hotels, bars and the rest of the leisure/hospitality industry.........he may consider them "nonessential" but they are very essential to the men and women who work in those industries and whose livelihood depend on them  
  • Gov Murphy hasn't offered any concrete plans to the municipalities and counties across the state who are going to see their tax-base destroyed
  • Gov Murphy hasn't offered any remedies to help employees at Atlantic City's nine casinos or the city itself now that its economic driver has been shut down

Up to this point, Gov Murphy has been good at telling New Jerseyans what they can't do, but has yet to offer a comprehensive plan on how he is going to help New Jerseyans survive the immediate financial crisis that they face; as well as the financial rebuilding that will need to take place post-Coronavirus. Simply put, Gov Murphy rushed plans in place that weren't thought out and that have left the people of New Jersey with critical financial questions that have yet to be answered.

John Giotis