I recently became aware of a piece of legislation called the PRO Act, which was passed yesterday in Congress. This bill has bi-partisan support in New Jersey and was co-sponsored by Rep. Tom Malinowski along with every other member of Congress from our state, both Democrat and Republican.

As a freelancer, I heard some of the concerns that this pro-labor bill might hurt the independent contractor, but after doing some research found that these fears are unfounded. This new bill protects workers' rights to collectively bargain, but doesn't affect wage and hour laws. There is even an amendment that states that the PRO Act will not preempt any state laws regarding wages, work hours, or unemployment compensation.

As a freelancer, perhaps I don't stand to gain a lot from this bill but I am not concerned that it will have an adverse effect on myself or my fellow freelancers. On the contrary, I'm glad to see that Congressman Malinowski is looking out for America's workforce and is doing so with full bi-partisan support. As a nation, we will thrive the most when we look out for our employees and safeguard their right to decent working conditions. I congratulate Congressman Malinowski and the rest of the delegation who signed this bill. 

Dave Marcus
Westfield, NJ