I just received my fourth email from a Summit resident reporting that their Biden/Harris lawn sign was stolen – which brings the total of stolen signs I’ve been notified of up to seven.  

I know this “happens every year” and that some will say that it’s “probably just kids.”

Well, it is unacceptable – and a crime.  Lawn signs are a demonstration of free political speech – which is one of the tenets on which our country was built.  Moreover, lawn signs are property located on private property – which means stealing a lawn sign is both theft and trespassing.

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If those who are stealing lawn signs are under the misapprehension that, somehow, by stealing signs they are helping their own candidate, they are sorely mistaken. All they are doing is making people more determined to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris – because we believe in law and order.  And, if they believe that their own candidate is so weak that he cannot stand up to opposition – perhaps they should look to their own candidate’s shortcomings, rather than stooping to criminal activity.

Yours truly,

Andrea J. Stein

Chair - Summit Municipal Democratic Committee