Commander William D. Squires, USN (Ret) released the following statement on behalf of Veterans for Mikie, calling on Rosemary Becchi to disavow a mailer recently sent out on her behalf to New Jersey voters with an image of a burning American flag with Congresswoman Sherrill’s name next to it:

"To use an image of a burning American flag to attack a sitting U.S. Congresswoman and former Lieutenant in the United States Navy is shameful and despicable. It is an insult to every single person who has put on the uniform.

“Service members risk their lives every day to protect and defend this country so that all of our citizens can enjoy the blessings of liberty that this great country affords. We wear the American flag on our uniform with pride. It is a symbol of our commitment to this country, our values, and our Constitution. Regardless of party, we should all be able to agree that using a burning flag to score cheap political points is wrong.

“Rosemary Becchi must immediately and publicly disavow this hateful mailer. Ms. Becchi has continuously lied about Congresswoman Sherrill’s record of service to our veterans, but to see this type of campaigning is beneath the dignity of the office she seeks.”