Well, September is here which means it's back to school, with an early wake-up call, tests, and staying up late trying to cram in last-minute assignments. Most schools have opened back during this pandemic however there is a little twist to coming back to school. Much like 2020, this is not your typical school year. We are amid a worldwide pandemic, with COVID-19 still up and about. So what does this mean for all of us that are still in school? Mask on at all times, no lunch, shortened schedule, one-way hallways, hybrid schedules, student population cut in half, and seats carefully spread apart by six feet. 

This is my last year at the high school, and of course, senior year is the most exciting year of your high school experience... well it is supposed to be. Before COVID-19 had really hit, I was looking forward to all the new opportunities I would have. Senior privilege, my internship, prom, graduation, and all the new memories. However, by the looks of it, the class of 2021 will not have the senior year they imagined. As your writer and a senior, I will be walking you through the day of a senior in school; corona edition.

Before getting to school, parents of all students are supposed to fill out a form saying that their child can enter the school. Once arriving at school the principal and the four other vice principals check-in each student one at a time to make sure they can enter the building and are healthy. This means that when you get to the front of the school there is a big group of kids waiting to get checked in. We have been told to head straight to class by following the correct path. I have to plan ahead which route I’ll take to class instead of just going whatever way I feel like taking. As a student, this really is not ideal because of the routes I have to take to get from one class to the next using the one-way hallways, however, it is manageable. Remember how you would normally try to get a good desk that had all your friends nearby? Not anymore. There are no desk buddies or groups. Everyone is spaced out to the max and depending on the class, you might not even have anyone sitting around you. 

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Some kids have gone completely virtual and sadly I do have some friends who are all online, so I don’t get to see them. To top it all off all students have been split into two groups. This is based on where your last name falls in the alphabet. Unfortunately, that means about half of my friends are on a different schedule. So to my ladies, if you are reading this, I miss y’all a lot. 

I know, I know, the school has changed to help maintain the health of all students and faculty, however, you cannot help but see some of the drawbacks to this.  Even though we have access to outside for changing classes most kids still prefer the halls. This means that the halls are still cramped space. 

The schedule as well is quite interesting, but can also be a little confusing. I have found that some kids have messed up their schedule by going to school virtually instead of in person. Personally, I am just waiting for the day that I mess it up as well. If you think the ending of last school year was weird, imagine your “First day of school” but it's just you showing up to a Zoom call or a Google hangout. For some kids, there was no first day of school outfits, but it is definitely something they won’t forget. Despite all this, I am looking forward to this year, COVID-19, or not. This year is about the memories and the experience and, I am not going to let a pandemic crush my dreams. Furthermore, whether you are a parent, a teacher, a reader, a student on a virtual schedule, a student in school for two days a week, or maybe going to school 4 days a week. We are in for an experience that none have faced before. We are making history here, and so I look forward to bringing you more updates on life, Coronavirus edition.