It happens to the best of us. We have a list of things to do. We work hard all day. Then, at the end of the day, many tasks get pushed off onto tomorrow.  How do you make the most out of your day and become more productive?

Only check your email at set times of the day. Leaving your email open throughout the day leads to the temptation of checking new messages. Besides eating up time, it breaks concentration on the task at hand and leads to mistakes.

What if you make a mistake?  Unfortunately, mistakes happen. We are all human. Successful people acknowledge their mistake, fix it and move on. Wallowing in pity only erodes your self-confidence.  When you lose your self-confidence, you tend to make even more mistakes.

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Schedule time to work on projects and not just meetings. Other people tend to throw us off. Co-workers have the tendency to pop in or call when something is on their mind.  It’s great to be flexible and available, but interruptions slow progress. It’s hard to be productive if you are constantly switching gears. 

Get enough sleep. You can’t have a successful day when you can barely get out of bed. Sleep deprivation affects a person’s overall well-being and saps motivation.  

Stay positive. Don’t be a Debbie Downer.  It’s so easy to fall into negative thinking, or to listen to criticism. Successful people think about the good outcomes they want to achieve and focus on strategies to accomplish their goals.     

Make a list and stick to it. Get small tasks you hate out of the way first. Then, focus on priority items. You’ll be surprised how great you feel when you realize all you have accomplished in a day.

Be flexible and be kind to yourself. Some days are better than others. You won’t always finish everything on your “to-do” list. But you will maximize your time if avoid a few pitfalls. Remember, tomorrow is another day.